Be Kind Easter Egg Find Wooden Rabbit + 12 Wooden Eggs

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Be Kind Easter Egg Find Rabbit + 12 Wooden Eggs & Vegan Paint (Limited Qty) 

This Easter, why not celebrate with compassion for animals by incorporating our 15" wooden rabbit and DIY wooden eggs into your festivities? Our kit includes 1 Rabbit + 12 wooden eggs , each showcasing animals hatched from eggs, to teach your little ones about the wonders of the natural world. Plus, with our vegan paints, you can enjoy a fun and creative activity without relying on animal products. (Comes with vegan paints & paint brush for starters) 


Our "Be Kind" Easter egg find kit contains everything you need to host a compassionate egg forage that doesn't involve exploiting animals. It's a delightful way to show your family, friends, and little ones that there are natural alternatives to animal products and that animals and their products are not ours to use.


So this Easter, let's celebrate with kindness and compassion by using our wooden rabbit and DIY egg kit, and hosting a cruelty-free egg find that demonstrates the beauty of the natural world.



100% Wood Easter Rabbit is 15" and stakes into the ground

100% Wood eggs are approx. 2.5" x 3" each

 Vegan paints starter set includes vegan brush, cups, paint (just add water) or use your own markers or crayons

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 Be Kind Easter Egg Find Wooden Rabbit + 12 Wooden Eggs
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