Be-Ve Kids has been helping parents to raise a future generation of compassionate, conscious, and plant-based people.

We believe in sharing a sense of love and care for other living beings and equipping kids

with the knowledge and resources to make a positive change.


From multi-functional food preparation and handmade game boards, wooden toys and puzzles to personalized dinnerware sets,

our diverse line of high-quality products shares one crucial message: protecting our beautiful planet

relies on eating plant-based and respecting animals as friends, not food, experiments or entertainment. 


Vegan Friendly

N E W !


Made in the USA.    Non Toxic Wood.    DIY Paint or Color .   Keepsake.    Best Gift for Preschoolers! 

At the Vegan Table

Resources for Parents Raising Vegan Kids

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Be a Super Hero for the Animals -Eat Broccoli Coloring Page

Posted by Be-Ve Kids on Dec 2nd 2021

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