Exchange & Returns

Dear Customer, we completely understand that there are times when you are not happy with the product and would like to return or exchange it. We believe this should be a simple process, so we make it as easy as possible.

1-After you get our products, you have 30 days to make sure your satisfied with your purchase.


2-If you are, GREAT! let us know about it with a email, text or review on our website or social media (we greatly appreciate it!!!)


3-If you're not satisfied with your purchase or something is wrong (which can happen, not often and ideally never, but it can ;(_) , call us or email and let us know what's going on! (Our number is on the bottom of every page) 


4-You have options! 


5- The only thing is if a product has been personalized with your kid's name or message, we cannot take it back since the chances of another kid with that name and that design might be really rare and we are not a GIANT company, but a small family run operation that works with MOSTLY other family run businesses to produce our products. 


But please contact us if you have ANY problems with your order, we will do our best to resolve it. And we stand 100% behind our products and any defects in craftmanship we will issue an exchange for same or similar product. 


 To a compassionate future!

Bel & Shel (and the animals that we live with)