Animals are Friends Wooden Kids Book

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Animals are Friends Wooden Kids Book 5" x 5" (No TORN PAGES!) 

Come along, now! Babba Beet and Fig Pig want to introduce you to their plant-based pals. There’s Camelry, who towers tall, and tiny Chick Pea who chirps from morning until nightfall. Maybe it’s Romaine Rabbit who you’ll like best, or perhaps it’s Mouse Mouse in their warm little nest. There are so many plant-based pals to learn about and meet, from where they live to the healthy foods they eat. In this wonderful story, Babba Beet and Fig Pig teach us that animals really are friends, not food. This is a tale of kindness, with themes of friendship and respect. It holds a valuable lesson for children, which is that animals should be treated with the love and compassion that we’d give to our very own friends.

Take kids on an adventure of discovery and delight with our Be-Ve Kids Kids Book.  Children from ages 3-8 can enjoy them, with lots of incredible lessons to spark their imaginations. These Montessori-inspired books can also be personalized with vegan paints and markers! They’re 5 x 5” and made in the USA with non-toxic wood, so you don’t need to worry about ripped pages. This makes them a meaningful keepsake that can be passed down through the generations. 



100% Natural Wood 

100% Made in the USA. 

Hemp Binding

Size is (5" x 5")  and its 5 Double Sided Pages + Cover

Use Paints or Markers to Color the book

Written by Co-founder Bella Green


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