Lil Critter Wooden Puzzles-Mushroom Forest

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Lil Critter Collection 

"Mushroom Forest" Wooden Puzzle- 16 Large Pieces for Small Hands!

Let your little ones discover their love of small creatures with our Lil Critter Collection. Our beautiful puzzles will introduce them to many tiny beings (from mice to squirrels to rabbits to butterflies), stimulate their imagination, and help them develop key motor skills. As your kids flex their problem-solving abilities, they’ll also fall in love with the natural world and the critters they share it with!


Each Lil Critter puzzle is thoughtfully hand-painted before being laser engraved on non-toxic wood. They’re also left without color, so your little ones can get creative with their own set of vegan paints! Our vision is to create a compassionate world full of caring children, which is exactly what our educational, arty puzzles aim to support. Together, we can help all beings (human and non-human) feel equal, loved, and respected with vegan-friendly games and toys.


Our puzzles are 8” in diameter when finished. They each include 16 large pieces for little hands to slot into place, and come with a color insert so you can see the original artwork as you recreate it. Once complete, why not turn your finished puzzle into a framed keepsake for friends or family members?


GIFT READY! Comes in its own birchwood puzzle box. Made in the USA. Eco-friendly materials. Non-toxic wooden puzzles for kids. Travel-friendly.


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