Play With Your Food Board Games & Serving Platters - Double Sided Fun!

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Play With Your Food Board Games & Serving Platters


For this entertaining (and yummy!) game, you’ll be creating faces out of fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds. Each player will have the chance to try an assortment of ingredients, making it the perfect opportunity to introduce new flavors and textures!


According to Stephanie Maze, author of Healthy Foods from A to Z, “making food faces engages kids in a creative and artistic activity, while possibly helping them overcome aversions to specific foods.” Let’s encourage our little ones to unleash their inner artist!


From strawberries to almonds, avocados to sunflower seeds, which delicious ingredients will you bring to the table? Happy creating!



Once you’ve chosen your plant-based ingredients and chopped them into smaller pieces, it’s time to roll the dice!

You can land on: 



When you land on a new facial feature or body part, fill it in with a food type of your choice. How about blueberries for eyes or tomato slices for hands? You can be as creative as you like! You can either follow the picture or use your imagination to create a brand-new look.


**** If there are already food parts on the feature you land on, gobble them up and replace them with your own!


When the last player completes the face, split the food between the players and enjoy every bite! You can then begin again to create new faces with as many different foods as you like. Don’t forget to have fun, take lots of photos, and share your food faces via or tag us on Facebook or Instagram for your chance to win a $25 gift certificate!


What you get:


This double-sided board game comes with two images for twice the fun! Say hello to Coconut Prince and Pineapple Princess, the cutest little monkeys you will meet! 


This board is 10” square and made from 1/2" thick handmade bamboo wood by skilled master artisans in Illinois. It comes with a custom wooden dice. Weighing 1lb and available in a natural cotton bag, it’s a unique and travel-friendly gift for parents and kids.


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    Posted by Nikki L on Feb 21st 2023

    What a well-made and super fun gift! Use it as a cutting board and a game, that's clever. Very nicely packaged and makes for a wonderful gift-giving product for almost anyone.