Garden Goodness Board Game & Fun Platter!

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Garden Goodness Board Game & Platter!


How to use & play!


Garden Goodness Game Board


Designed to play! Comes with everything you need including 4 Be-Ve Kids character pieces and a wood dice. You will need to cut up fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds to use for the gathering and to eat at the end! This is a good time to have your kids try new things too!


How to Play:

1-Cut up a variety of plant foods into smaller pieces as many pieces that you think all the players will eat  (Up to 4 players can play)


2--Pick your character.

Choose from Cherished Cherry the Deer, Plum Harvest the Hedgehog, Blueberry Delight the Piglet and Pumpkin Head the Fox!

Place your character around the garden next to their fruit.


3-Roll the dice and move your character to see which cobblestone square you land on.


As you land on each cobblestone image, follow the rules included!


Most games are about winning, teaching kids to be competitive. Garden goodness is the opposite. Our game board is not only a beautiful vegan breakfast board and cutting board but also a breakfast game board teaching kids to gather food, learn how to trade with one another, decide to share with each other, but using their free will they can choose what they do when they land on the game piece and need to work with other players. Parents can watch the kids evolve in sharing and trading skills. These breakfast board games use real fruit, nuts, seeds, and other plant foods as pieces they gather along the way and finally get to eat when they land in garden goodness or when the game is over allowing parents to introduce kids to a variety of foods and make it fun to gather, trade, share and eat! 


This board is 14” , made out of 1/8" thick handmade bamboo wood by skilled master artisans in Illinois and comes with 4 character game pieces (plum harvest, blueberry delight, cherished cherry, and pumpkin head) and a dice. Weight 1lbs.  Makes a travel-friendly easy and beautiful gift for parents and kids of all ages.