Pineapple Princess Monkey and Pineapple Patch Wooden Toy Set

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Plant-Based Pals Sustainable Wooden Toys - Meet Pineapple Princess Monkey and Pineapple Patch

Step into the Be-Ve Kids world with our range of sustainable wooden toys. Meet Coconut Prince, Pineapple Princess, Cherished Cherry the Deer, Plum Harvest the Hedgehog, Pumpkin Head, and many other plant-based pals as they come to “life” – and learn all about their favorite plant-based ingredients! Will you make friends with Coconut Prince under his coconut tree, or sweeten your afternoon with Pineapple Princess and her pineapple patches? Whichever pal you welcome into your home, your little ones will learn a valuable message: animals are friends and food is grown, not born.

Our handmade montessori inspired toys measure around 4”. Wooden Toys Designed for ages 2, 3, 4 and 5 years old. They’re each hand-painted with eco-friendly vegan paints. 100% vegan friendly. 100% Made in the USA. 

Benefits of our Sustainable Wooden Toys: 

Our sustainable wooden toys are sturdy and built to last – which is great for your pocket! They’re also free from nasties, including PVC and phthalates, which means they’re kind to the planet too.

Kids love wooden toys because they teach vital lessons and skills. From introducing children to physics and object permanence, to stimulating creativity and problem-solving, wooden toys can be highly educational. Plus, they’re generally quieter to play with, with fewer flashing lights and moving parts. This helps to create a calming environment for children who may otherwise feel overwhelmed.

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