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Play With Your Food & Coloring Tablecloths/Picnic Mats/Funware!

Introduce your little ones to a range of delicious plant-based ingredients with our Play With Your Food coloring tablecloths/picnic blanket, ideal for indoor dining, outdoor picnics, and food-themed play! Measuring 55x55 with durable polyester, our functional tablecloths are easy to wipe clean. There’s no fuss, just plenty of fun!

Research highlights the many benefits of playing with food for children, such as inspiring them to try new tastes and textures. With our multi-purpose tablecloths, you’ll have the extra-special ingredient you need to encourage plant-based playtime!

How to Play: 

Bring Pineapple Princess to life with a rainbow of colorful food items. Simply prepare a selection of chopped plant-based ingredients to get started! How about sliced eggplant for eyelashes and bright red strawberries for a happy, smiling mouth? You can switch it up every time with different colours, textures, and facial features. Get inspired by following the image or create your own faces – when it comes to foodie fun, the possibilities are endless!

You can even color the mats with washable fabric markers if you’d like, with plenty of nature illustrations (from leaves to fruit to faces) to get creative with.

Our durable coloring tablecloths are washable, lightweight, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Use them at home or on holiday – and encourage the whole family to get involved!

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Care Instructions::
Machine wash: cold (max 30C or 90F); Non-chlorine: bleach as needed; Tumble dry: low heat; Do not iron; Do not dry clean.