Special Birthday Gift Animals are Friends Laminated Placemats

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Choose your Special Birthday Gift! Pick Your Favorite Animal! Laminated Placemat (11" x 17") 

Take your little ones on a learning adventure from the comfort of your dining table with our hand-illustrated placemats! Each fun and educational, our laminated placemats display an A-Z of oh-so-cute animals for kids to become friends with (plus their favorite foods!). Together, you’ll learn all about the natural world while trying new vowel sounds and plant-based deliciousness.

Every day is a new learning experience with our A-Z placemats. You can even introduce new ingredients by chopping up fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds, and placing them next to the relevant illustration. Our placemats are perfect for picky eaters!

With a diverse range of plant-based food illustrations, your little ones will also learn how to say, spell, and recognize brand-new ingredients!


About Be-Ve Kids Placemats


Printed on Recycled Paper. Laminated. 

Size: 11" x 17" 

Made in the USA

Care Instructions: Wipe clean 




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