Press Release - October 01, 2021 Be Ve Kids is Born!

October 01, 2021

Be-Ve Kids ® Launches Tableware Products Helping Raise Compassionate Kids


With more parents than ever deciding to raise their children on a vegan/plant diet,  ‘Be-Ve Kids’ has a range of vegan-centric kids products that are interactive, fun, and educational.

Their dinnerware features unique hand-drawn designs of animals with clever names, eating healthy plant-based foods, peeking out from their natural habitats, animals giving hugs, and intricate designs showing nature co-existing.

Your children will meet a host of unique characters with Be-Ve Kids products like, ‘Pumpkin Head - the clever fox’ or ‘Apple Thinker - the delightful monkey’ on their tableware range.

Co-founder, Be-Ve Kids, Bel, commented, “There are very few products available to help parents teach their children that animals and creatures are individuals. Most of the current products for kids showcase farm animals, zoo animals or pets, which from a vegan perspective shows animals as food, in captivity or used for our entertainment.”

Be-Ve Kids introduces children from an early age to animals from around the world and shows animals in a real way. They don’t have cute clothes or cartoon faces; they’re real and they’re friends.

”Our children will be the change in creating a compassionate and kinder world for animals and humans.”

“If you’re looking for some bedtime reading, our eBook ‘Babba & Friends ❤ Fruits & Veggies’ is a fun and educational book for all children and is included with every order."

Bel continued, “Peace begins on our plates, so our personalized tableware is the perfect tool to help start a conversation with your children and show them how unique and special each animal and creature is. “

Breakfast, lunchtime, or dinnertime is a great time to choose Be-Ve Kids tableware to inspire and teach compassion to children of all ages. Be-Ve Kids dinnerware are super durable, BPA-free, eco-friendly, and made in the USA.