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"Plant Based Nest are the Best" Hen & Chicks   Animal Art Prints  8" x 10" 

Decorate your child's room with our captivating prints, showcasing artfully illustrated animals and compassionate messages. Our "Plant Based Nest are the Best" design features a loving mother hen and her adorable baby chicks nestled on a bed of fresh lettuce, highlighting that plant-based foods are the best way to go for both chickens and your kids. By embellishing their spaces with our lively and captivating art, children can not only appreciate the beauty of these animals but also reinforce their empathetic values.

Each print measures 8" x 10" and is crafted on durable high-quality card stock for longevity. Our resident artist, Shelby G., originally hand-drew these prints with great attention to detail, ensuring their aesthetic and emotional impact.


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Looking for larger sizes? Contact us for special orders or to use (liscense) the images for your products. 

LOGO will not be in the picture as seen. Printed in house in Hickory, IL using recycled paper content. 

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