Here at Be-Ve Kids ®, it is our mission, through creativity & education, to empower kids to develop compassionate habits that will last a lifetime and be the change we all wish to see.  


Since 2021, Be-Ve Kids has been helping parents to raise a future generation of compassionate, conscious, and plant-based people. We believe in sharing a sense of love and care for other living beings and equipping kids with the knowledge and resources to make a positive change.



Through our hand-illustrated and vegan-forward products, we highlight the beauty and fragility of the natural world, encourage little ones to have fun with plant-based nutrition, and impart invaluable skills (such as how to recycle).



We’re passionate about teaching kids how to protect and preserve our planet, alongside promoting kindness and unity for all humans and non-humans. We believe in practising what we preach, which is why we source vegan and sustainable materials wherever possible, such as bamboo. Whenever we identify an opportunity to boost our vegan and eco-friendly credentials, we promise to seize it. We also work exclusively with small businesses that embody our values throughout the USA and Internationally.  



From multi-functional food preparation and handmade game boards, wooden toys and puzzles to personalized dinnerware sets, our diverse line of high-quality products shares one crucial message: protecting our beautiful planet relies on eating plant-based and respecting animals as friends, not food. 


Meet the founders, Bel & Shel


Started by Shel, in 2011, our Free Fruits & Veggie program feeds thousands of people every month. Learn more >


Feeding Hungry Animals

Having lived in Honduras for several years, we saw so many animals go hungry. In Partnership with Island Dogs Rock, we set up a feeding station where hungry animals can find food as needed. 





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