KindHeart Conversations Cards

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KindHeart Conversations Cards

Introducing our KindHeart Conversations: Compassion Cards for Plant-Based Kids, the perfect tool for parents who want to raise confident and compassionate plant-based children. With 24 thought-provoking questions, our cards are designed to help kids ages 6 and up think deeply about their choices and communicate their values in a fun and engaging way.

Our cards feature questions like "Do you have any tips for other kids who want to become vegan?" and "Do you ever feel tempted to eat non-vegan foods, and if so, how do you resist the temptation?" These questions encourage children to think critically about their choices, share their experiences, and learn from each other.

Our cards are also a great way to help children communicate their beliefs and values to others without fear or hesitation. By practicing with our cards, kids can gain the confidence they need to explain themselves and their choices when they are out in public or around friends and family who may not understand their lifestyle.

Our cards are not just for plant-based kids but are also a great way to encourage meaningful conversations between family members of different lifestyles. With our cards, everyone can ask and answer questions in a judgment-free environment, promoting understanding and empathy for each other's choices.

Our set of 24 cards displays stunning artwork on the back, which, when combined, reveals a complete portrayal of Earth in Harmony. Each element represents all inhabitants of the world living together in perfect unity.

Our "KindHeart Conversations" cards come in a convenient cotton bag for easy storage and transportation. We're committed to providing more cards in the future to keep the conversation going. Order your set today and help your kids become confident, compassionate, and plant-based!


Conversation cards can be a great tool for children to practice sharing their thoughts and feelings, as well as for parents or caregivers to better understand the child's perspective. They can help children develop social and emotional skills such as empathy, self-expression, and active listening.

Being vegan can be a challenge for children, especially when they are in social situations where non-vegan food is present. Using conversation cards to discuss their feelings and experiences with being vegan can help children develop the confidence and communication skills they need to navigate these situations and share their beliefs with others. Additionally, by discussing veganism with their peers, children can help educate others about the lifestyle and potentially inspire them to make changes in their own diets.

Ages 6+ 



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    Cool cards!

    Posted by Abigale Lettermin on Mar 8th 2023

    Trying to relate to my nephews that are vegan, wanted to ask questions but in a fun way. This works great!