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Hippotatomus Vegan Play Food Bundle Family Art Time Learning Fun!

Enjoy a mealtime of discovery with our Vegan Play Food Bundles! Each bundle includes a beautifully illustrated place-mat introducing you to a plant-based pal and the foods they love. Some of them even show how their favorite ingredients are grown, so you can turn meals into an opportunity to learn. There are 26 bundles to choose from – one for every letter of the alphabet! Why not meet the whole crew, from Apple Thinker to Zucchinibra!   Made in the USA!


What's in the Bundle: 

  • 11" x 17" laminated place-mat are designed to inspire kids at mealtimes & art time
  • 11" x 17" black and white coloring sheet for your little ones to color on
  • 3.5" wooden plant-based pal (coaster/toy) 
  • 4 wooden "food ingredients" to match those on the place-mat
  • 6 colors of vegan non toxic paints in cups (just add water) 
  • Vegan kids paintbrush, so you can color the sheets and the wood and really get creative


Our high-quality, Montessori-inspired bundles will make dinner or playtime even more exciting for the senses – from sight to touch. Kids can visualize new ingredients, “feel” the wooden foods, and even practice new letter sounds. They also make wonderful keepsakes to be passed down through the generations. Or, if you’d like to support a vegan school in Uganda, you can donate them to our “Kids that Need” program.


Ages 4+ 


Add Matching Dinnerware

Why not add on to the bundles with our full selection of matching plates, bowls, and tabletop accessories to continue the journey of learning and discovery?


Placemats are 11 x 17”, printed on recycled paper, and laminated for easy care. Each “fruit” or “vegetable” is 3.5” and made from birch plywood. 100% Made in the USA

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    Posted by Lydia Kaluzny-Welnicki on Dec 14th 2023

    The message behind this product is so wonderful. The Packaging needs to be improved. The dry paint powder is in small plastic containers. The lid came off of one during shipping and spilled all over every piece in the bag. I had to open the bag and carefully wipe the powder off of everything. The laminated placemat caught some of the paint in the corner which I could not remove. This was a gift for a toys for tots program and I was a bit embarassed about the packaging. Please make sure the packaging is more attractive and damage-proof in the future.