Book and Sheep Puppet Gift Set

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Book & Sheep Puppet Gift Set- Teach Your Little Ones About Animals in a Fun & Educational Way! 

Book is Garden Goodness Nature Grows For You!  Imagine a garden just bursting with scrumptious fruits, from juicy strawberries to pumpkins too. Step inside, Babba Beet, the Sheep & her best friend Fig Pig welcomes you in – now that you’re here, the fun can begin! Together with the plant-based friends, you’ll soak up the garden’s smells, colors, and flavors (there’s a real blend). Learn how and where your favorite goodies grow, and help your new friends share the delicious food that the garden bestows! From Cherished Cherry to Mangorilla, this story is full of compassionate characters with an important lesson: sharing is caring! Sharing is a vital skill – whether you’re passing on knowledge or gathering nutritious foods – and one that children can be introduced to with this wholesome tale.

Take kids on an adventure of discovery and delight with our Be-Ve Kids Books & Sheep Hand Puppet Gift Set!



Yes, you "herd" right; a new BLEATING SHEEP puppet grazes in Folkmanis pastures. With her sweet, comical face and soft, silvery fleece, this is one puppet "ewe" will surely love. Animate her mouth as you gently squeeze her body to hear her bleat.

Length:15" Long
Width:7" Wide
Height:8" Tall
Weight:6.4 oz.
Special Features: Movable mouth. Soundmaker.


Size is (5" x 5")  and its 5 Double Sided Pages + Cover. DIY Paint or Color the Pages


This Book & Sheep Gift Set Comes in a Cute Cotton Bag 

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