May 25th 2023

Try This Fun & Free Activity : ​Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt!

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt with pictures of different plants and animals that children have to find on a nature walk. This activity will help children learn about different types of plants and animals and their habitats.

Sure, here's an example of a Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt:


Bird's nest





Spider web





Print out or draw pictures of the above plants and animals.

Give each child a list of the plants and animals they need to find.

Take the children on a nature walk in a park, forest, or other natural area.

Have them search for each plant and animal on their list and mark them off as they find them.

Once they have found all the items on their list, have them return to you and discuss each one.

Talk about the habitats of the plants and animals they found and how they contribute to the ecosystem.

For an added challenge, you can also include some plants and animals that are less common or that the children may not have seen before.

Enjoy your nature walk and happy scavenger hunting!