Posted by Bel on Oct 10th 2021

How to Teach Children to Care About the Environment

      Our children are our greatest gifts, and one of the greatest gifts we can impart upon them is a deep sense of compassion – for other people, animals, and of course, the planet. Raising your children to become passionate environmentalists may be serious business, but you can have a lot of fun in the process!

      Raising environmentally conscious children: Activity ideas by age

        Early years (from 0-3-years-old)

        It’s never too early to start teaching your little ones! Here’s how:

        Inspire their senses

        • Walk or play barefoot in the grass.
        • Jump in puddles.
        • Smell plants and flowers.
        • Listen to birds tweeting.

        Engage with animals from afar

          Use animal-themed products (e.g. Be-Ve Kids® tableware!)

        • Watch birds feeding in the garden.
        • Listen to animal noises during playtime.

        Early childhood  (from 4-7-years-old)

        This is the perfect time to encourage a lifelong positive relationship with the planet and the animals we share it with! Here’s how:

          Inspire their senses

          • Hold a smell test with tasty fruits and vegetables.
          • Learn to describe what you see (e.g. “green forest”).
          • Listen out for nature sounds, such as crashing waves.

          Encourage compassion towards animals

          • Hang bird feeders in the garden.
          • Build a log pile for bugs and insects.
          • Look out for animals in the wild (e.g. deer).

          Learn about the big wide world

          • Enjoy age-appropriate nature-themed puzzles.
          • Learn about oceans, mountains and volcanoes through documentaries and research projects.
          • Tuck into vegan dishes from around the world (e.g. lentil curry)

      Middle childhood (from 8-12-years-old)

        At this age, children’s own ideas about the environment are beginning to bud – and it’s our job to help them bloom! Here’s how:

        Encourage eco-friendly daily habits

        • Cook simple vegan dishes, such as tomato soup!
        • Learn how to recycle at home and school.
        • Turn off taps and lights when they’re not in use.

        Learn about the big wide world

        • Discover a range of landscapes (e.g. by going hiking!)
        • Watch child-friendly animal documentaries.
        • Learn about biodiversity (e.g. by planning a nature trail in your local park or forest).

        Take care of the local environment

        • Plant trees and shrubs in the garden.
        • Participate in a beach or river clean-up.
        • Protect the animals in your local area (e.g. by building a frog pond or hedgehog box).

        Adolescence (13-years-old and above)

        With our help, passionate teenagers and young adults can be real drivers of change in their social groups, schools and local communities. Here’s how:

        Encourage eco-friendly weekly, monthly and yearly habits

        • Cook vegan dishes using seasonal ingredients.
        • Find reusable alternatives to single-use items.
        • Maintain a compost heap in the garden!

        Hold important discussions

        • Discuss topics such as industrial farming, commercial fishing, and fossil fuels.

        Put words into action

        • Volunteer at a vegan-approved animal sanctuary.
        • Sign petitions you’re passionate about.
        • Challenge friends and family to get involved (e.g. by going plant-based for a month).

        Every day, there’s an opportunity to inspire kids to fall in love with the planet – we just need to find them!

      At Be-Ve Kids®, we believe a lot of these opportunities happen over the dining table. From eating seasonal veggies to holding mealtime discussions about key social and environmental issues, every mouthful and moment holds space to make an impact.

      That’s why we’ve developed a range of personalized life-like tableware for kids, helping parents bring education to the table in a colorful and compassionate way!