Posted by Bel on Sep 19th 2021

How Grandparents can Support Grand-kids choice of Veganism


An increasing number of younger people are going vegan, and many of them plan to raise their children vegan as well. Veganism is a growing movement for different reasons, and there is no wrong reason for believing in it. For people who haven't grown up in this era, it can get a little confusing since there are so many new terms to learn, and knowing how to react can be difficult too.

1-Don't tease them or Criticize them for their Choice to be Vegan If you're someone who has kids or grand-kids who are vegan, these tips will help you support their choice.


There are a lot of different reasons why someone would go vegan and all of them are valid. Even if you don't mean any harm, teasing them or mocking them can be hurtful. It's not like teasing them for liking a cheesy movie.

Teasing, mocking, or criticize someone for their beliefs is how you drive a wedge into your relationship.


2- Buy them Vegan and Cruelty-Free Products or send them links to interesting products!

Finding new vegan products is always exciting. Even if you're a little unsure, sending a website link to a new product you've seen or heard about is a great way to silently tell them you care and support them. Sending links or telling them about a new thing you saw that you think is vegan also means they can go and check the product themselves for hidden animal products.

Keep in mind the kind of things your child or grandchildren enjoy. Finding vegan products can seem difficult but there's no harm in looking!


3- Don't Get Mad if they tell you something isn't Vegan

The sad reality is that a lot of companies include animal products even when it's not needed. There are even companies that advertise something as “plant-based” when it's not vegan and might even include meat or milk. Some beauty products can claim to be vegan but still include non-vegan ingredients.

It can be a bit of a minefield at times and even long-term vegans can be tripped up by misleading advertising and false claims. If you aren't sure, don't be afraid to send them the ingredient list and ask them to confirm they'd want it. Keeping receipts will also mean you can return any fake vegan products if you don't want them.


4-Try Eating and Cooking Vegan Dishes with them or for them

You may not feel being vegan is for you for many reasons including culture and how you were raised, but eating a vegan diet has many health benefits along with benefiting the environment and the animals. There are thousands of vegan dishes and recipes and even alternatives to meat and dairy that are so similar. Showing your kids and grand-kids you care about their lives and beliefs can make for a stronger bond that can begin in the kitchen and continue at the table over a cruelty free meal. 


Have other suggestions that you have tried? We would love to hear it!