Eat Figs Not Pigs Mamma & Baby Pig

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30 Day LOVE Guarantee


30 Day LOVE Guarantee


"Eat Figs Not Pigs" Mamma & Baby Pig   Animal Art Prints  8" x 10" 

Enhance the charm of your child's room with our delightful prints, showcasing artfully illustrated animals and compassionate messages. Our "Eat Figs Not Pigs" design, featuring a loving mother pig and her baby, highlights the universal need for love, maternal bonding, and family connections among all animals. By adorning their spaces with our whimsical and fun art, children can not only appreciate the beauty of these animals but also reinforce their compassionate values.

Measuring 8" x 10", each print is crafted on high-quality card stock to ensure its longevity. Our resident artist Shelby G. originally hand illustrated these prints with utmost care and attention to detail.

Add our kids artwall display holders  (found here) 



Looking for larger sizes? Contact us for special orders or to use (liscense) the images for your products. 

LOGO will not be in the picture as seen. Printed in house in Hickory, IL using recycled paper content. 

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 Eat Figs Not Pigs Mamma & Baby Pig
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