Cow Animals are Friends Dinnerware Set

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Every day can be a new learning experience with our Animals are Friends dish sets for children!

Starting with our oh- so- cute & real looking, Calfiflower! 


Our Kids Dish Sets Include:

  • 10” Cow Kids Plate
  • 8.5” Cow Kids Bowl
  • 11” x 17” Laminated Cow Place mat + a FREE 11" x 17" Downloadable Coloring Placemat

Take your little ones on a learning adventure from the comfort of your dining table with our hand-illustrated dish sets for children!  Each fun and educational, our collectible dinnerware display an A-Z of oh-so-cute and realistic animals for kids to become friends with (plus their favorite foods!). Together, you’ll learn all about the natural world while trying new vowel sounds and introducing plant-based deliciousness.


You can even introduce new ingredients by chopping up fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds, and placing them next to the relevant illustration. Our dinnerware sets are perfect for picky eaters! With a diverse range of plant-based food illustrations, your little ones will also learn how to say, spell, and recognize brand-new ingredients!


Be-Ve Kids Dish sets for children are Collectibles ! BPA -Free (and BPS free) Plastic 100% Made in the USA, Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic.  

Start with A and collect them all!

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