Book and Beaver Puppet Gift Set

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Book & Beaver Puppet Gift Set- Teach Your Little Ones About Beavers in a Fun & Educational Way! 

Broccoli Beaver needs a hand – even though he’s the best builder in all the land! You might notice beautiful buildings on your way to school, maybe towers great and tall. But what about dams made by Broccoli Beaver and his friends, to protect them from the river as it winds and bends? From Rhubarboon in the trees to Armadillochoke and Eggplantapus gathering twigs and leaves, they all must work together to build safety and shelter. Join the plant-based pals in this wonderful tale of teamwork and collaboration. It teaches the importance of working together to achieve great things, such as protecting animals and their habitats. Check it out and ask, how can we make a meaningful change?

Take kids on an adventure of discovery and delight with our Be-Ve Kids Books & Beaver Hand Puppet Gift Set!



Not for idle hands, this beaver animal puppet is ready to get down to business. His resume includes sleek brown fur (for swimming), a workable mouth (complete with gnawing incisors), a flat textured tail (for thumping) and a full set of realistic paws. But this fellow does not pause - a beaver's work is never done!

Length:18" Long
Width:7" Wide
Height:6" Tall
Weight:8.32 oz.
Special Features: Movable mouth, front paws and tail


Size is (5" x 5")  and its 5 Double Sided Pages + Cover. DIY Paint or Color the Pages


This Book & Beaver Gift Set Comes in a Cute Cotton Bag 

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