Animal Kids Plates that Start With A

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Meet three of our favorite plant-based pals – Armadillochoke, Antelope Cantaloupe, and Gator Tater! While Antelope Cantaloupe leaps through the savannah in the sunshine with his/her ultra-strong legs, Gator Tater likes to cool his/her scaly body by splashing around in rivers and swamps. Armadillochoke, on the other hand, prefers to find peace and quiet in the forest! 


These incredible friends are unique in many ways, from the way they look to the delicious ingredients they like to snack on. But what unites them is their love of nutritious plant foods that make them and the planet feel good! From earthy artichokes to refreshing cantaloupes and yummy sweet potatoes, there’s nothing like enjoying a rainbow of fruits and veggies with your best friends. 

Our Plates are:

    • Microwave and Dishwasher-Safe

    • Oven-Safe up to 275 Degrees Fahrenheit

    • 50% Heavier than Melamine & Break Resistant! 

    • Contains No Melamine, BPA’s or Other Harmful Chemicals

     • 100% Manufactured in the U.S.A.

An excellent tableware gift for kids ages 1 YR + 


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Animal Kids Plates that Start With A
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